Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Marvel Showdown - Mole Man

Mole Man is another one of those classic Marvel villains that desperately needs a Marvel Universe figure.Right now,the only 3 3/4 scale Mole Man figs are from the 90's Iron Man Toybiz line and the one you see here from the Marvel Showdown collection.The 90's Toybiz fig is affordable and comes with a cool subterranean minion , but doesn't fit In well with Marvel Universe figures. The Marvel Showdown Mole Man has been totally out of the question for me as he can be pretty pricey on ebay,loose or in the two pack he originally came in.I was lucky enough to find one loose sans cape and accessories for $4 bucks.A far cry from the 20 plus dollars you'll be shelling out for a complete one. 

I was a little let down by the fact that  his hands don't open.I thought they did :( Mole Man needs his trademark staff/club so I decided to try a Mega Bloks Foot Soldier's staff.It was too wide to fit in the tiny hole in Mole Mans hand ,so I took a stab at trying to customize it.  

I know,horrible,right!lol!

Oh well,I'm not one to start poking holes in my figures so i thought the next best thing to do was to add some kind of handle that would slip over Mole Mans fist.He's such a cool figure,though! Hopefully I can come across his cape sometime and a better looking staff.


  1. Interesting character that doesn't get a lot of the spotlight. Neat customization with the staff.

  2. Thanks GI.Mole Man would make for an interesting movie character with all those monsters he can conjure up.

  3. I imagine what Ray could do with him!