Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Action Figures Of The Day! (HAPPY 4TH!!!)

"HA-HA!Feeling a  little butt hurt that none of you made it into the Action Figure Of The Day series of  posts?!?Well good!!!All Tony ever does is gush over how awesomely awesome you are ,and how he owned a stupid wittle  Secwet Wars Dr.Doom figure as a kid and  how he Woved  it sooooo friggin much!While I spent most of my time  stashed in a drawer inside of an airtight Ziploc bag with the likes of a gassy Goblin   who couldn't keep his mouth shut about how underrated Chap Mei is!Finally I get the  spotlight and you guys can all get the bozak!"

Dr.Doom - "What Is this "bozak" you speak of and to what do we owe the honor of receiving one  ...?"

Kang - "It's a 90's thing Doc, and trust me,you don't want it.Unless you don't have one now which... in that case...aww forget it"


  1. Awesome Secret Wars collection.

  2. Love those Secret Wars and Happy 4th.

  3. Hope you had a safe and enjoyable 4th. That collection of Secret Wars is sweet!