Friday, June 23, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Falcon (Civil War)

When Captain America Winter Soldier   Falcon figures hit store shelves ,I felt like something was missing. It looked bland and ,come on,no Redwing?This one is a huge improvement over that version. The wings actually come out of a back pack ,like in the films, and he comes with a nice assortment of accessories,including Redwing.

I had to take  wide angle shot to give you a better  scope of Falcons wing span. 

Like most of these Legends 3 3/4 figures,Falcon is lacking upper torso articulation.He does ,however,have a swivel waist as well as an articulated neck to allow Falcon to look up when flying or when dispatching Redwing. 

Falcon also comes with an alternate ,closed wing, back pack and head sculpt.

My second Fathers Day purchase arrived yesterday and ill be taking a look at it later on today.


  1. yep, this was a really nice one.

  2. I would have to invent a new name for him. He could not be Falcon.

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