Monday, June 5, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 Captain America w/ Motorcycle

Another day,another Captain America figure.Captain America is alot like Snake Eyes when It comes to  contemporary action figures.You'd be hard pressed to find another character with as many figure releases. They both have a ton of  figures with different costume variations and pair well with motorcycles.I almost picked this online for  12 dollars but was happy to find one at Gamestop for about six bucks!An articulated Captain America action figure w/ shield and motorcycle for $6?All day! 

It's a pretty nice looking set.The motorcycle is nothing to write home about .I would have liked a star somewhere on the chassis but i guess i can remedy that by placing his shield on the handlebars.Everything is plastic on it,including the wheels.  

The figure has decent articulation.All the important ones,anyways.He is missing wrist and abdomen articulation but can twist at the waist. The rest is there,rocker ankles ,etc.

Eventually i will get around to acquiring movie versions of Thor and Iron Man.

one reason wht i almost passed this set up was because i already had a motor cycle for Cappy,the one included with his Strikefire Transport vehicle.I actually like the Strikefire version better but both  have a different purpose.One will remain parked inside the Transport while the Legends cycle will be put on display on the SHIELD helicarrier. 

This one has a lot more going on including slick deco and rubber wheels.

The Legends cycle is a littler more plain looking with minimal paint apps and plastic wheels.

Here we take a look at all my contemporary Captain America figures. That Super Combat movie version still holds up after all these years I'm surprised It didn't crack my top 20 list. 

Coming up later this week I've got another Mattel Secret Wars figure to post about as well as a couple of other things.Stay tuned!


  1. I like the way Cap looks standing with Hulk and company. Also like the shot where he's standing there with his shield on his back and you can see the shadow on the back wall.

  2. Thanks.I like that shot ,too,although it would look more complete with with movie versions of Thor and Iron Man,which i'll be snagging up soon.