Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Iron Man 2 - Iron Man Mark VI

It's been a few years since the initial release of these Iron Man 2 movie series figures.Although Chris Mapp reported seeing them recently on the shelves of his local Wal Mart,I haven't seen them anywhere,except for eBay and online toy store  sites. The majority of these have been scalped up and are being resold on ...wait...

..I guess eBay doesn't apply.

I can only assume that the only reason i got these so cheap was because of their packaging being all warped and bent out of shape.Water damage maybe?idk.Luckily the figures seem to be mint in package. 

Taking a look at the figure out of the packaging.I like the stylish figure stand with insert-able armor cards.Always have.As for the figure?I like it alot more than i thought i would.I passed these up many times because 1)the internet was being pummeled with reviews on these Iron Man figures.So much so that it had a reverse effect on me,ultimately leading me to  not wanting to pick  the figure up at all.And 2) Because of the amount of Iron Man stuff being shoveled out onto store shelves everywhere,i though for sure i'd have a chance to pick him up ,if i had  a change of heart somewhere down the line.Now, i'm very happy to finally have a more recent version of Iron Man in my collection.But i have a couple of gripes.       

I don't mind the oversized arm cannon at all.After all,this is Tony Stark,master weapons builder.What i do mind is the height of the figure.I feel like it should be a lot taller.Also,the leg/thigh armor hinders leg movement.Waist articulation would  have also been nice but i guess the articulation in the torso kind of off sets that.Other than those minor glares ,the all around figure is pretty damn cool.In hand the figure just feels great.All of the cuts in his armor and overall glossy paint finish make the Mark VI stand out.Not to mention,i know have a recent  version of Iron Man to fill out the ranks of my movie series Avengers. 


  1. Not for resale? Interesting. Were they part of a multi-pack?

    1. No ,they were separate but all four of them have the "Not For Resale" tag on them.I hope they're not contaminated lol!

  2. These came from the Costco 4 (maybe 5?) multi pack that was just the normal carded figures but shrink wrapped and glued into a box / sleeve and sold at slightly lesser price then it would have cost to buy them individually. If memory serves there was one "good" figure in the pack ant the rest were peg warmers.

  3. ah didn't even notice to start with but on the back of your pack you can see where it had been glued into the box.

  4. Mystery solved!Thanks Brother,i knew something was up with the "Not For Resale" tags.

  5. I'm not a huge Iron Man fan, but the figure looks decent. I'm just glad the arm cannon thing is removable. It looks weird ;)