Tuesday, May 2, 2017

TMNT Mega Bloks - Michelangelo (Eastman & Laird's)

When I stumbled across the discount store site hollar.com ,I wasn't planning on getting anything other than the Paper craft's Deathstar. But with these little guys going for 2 bucks a piece ,I wasn't about to pass up on having the entire set of  Eastman & Laird's Turtles  for under 10 bucks! Plus ,It put me over the 15 dollar price range,qualifying me for free shipping!

I'm digging the figure stand more than I thought I would.The little action shot portraits are a nice touch.There Is a ton of eye candy with these figures,from the box on down to the toys included within. Not pictured Is the instruction booklet which also features a mini comic strip .If the comic strip differs from turtle to turtle,I'll post pics of all four of them. 


Here's Mikey  ,toe to toe with a Foot Soldier Brother Midnight sent over In a trade months back.I'm glad I hung on to him.


  1. I bought Mikey when he first came out lol. I love the Megabloks turtles so much lol.

  2. They're great little figures,Alexis.I want the classic collection now.

  3. Cool figures, but weapons are so large they detract.

  4. Yes ,they are a little over sized.But I like the detail In them.