Sunday, May 7, 2017

TMNT Mega Bloks - OOTS Cryo Chamber

This is  a pretty cool stand alone set,If your into the movie.I picked this up to compliment my set of four Eastman Laird turtles,but the characters don't really mix well.Save for the actual Kraang rubber figure(sans body),Shredder and Raph will probably be stashed (unless I decide to go after the other three turtles).   

I always said that If I ever did  start picking up mini figs,they would be of the Mega Bloks variety.I like them better than Lego in that they are more poseable.The amount of removable accessories   Is insane. Everything from Raph's web gear (which also features holsters on the back for both sai's) to his mask,wristbands and shoulder pad. 

I was disappointed In Shredder,though,because he didn't come with his trademark claws.Just a ,what i'm assuming , Mutagen gun. 

Kraang looks pretty cool when stuffed into his host cyborg body.

The best part about this set,imo,Is the cryo chamber with working light!It doesn't just turn on,It actually pulsates,giving It a cooler effect.check out the video demonstration.

Again,if you like the film .definitely pick these up.I might decide to go after the remaining turtles   just to have a representation of them through the years.

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