Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TMNT Mega Bloks - Bebop (Villain Pack)

I've finally reached the end of my TMNT Mega Bloks rope.This Is the Bebop Villains Pack set that comes with Bebop and three Foot Soldiers.   

 You gotta hand It to Mega Bloks for creating  such  cool little articulated figures .It's amazing to me that something so tiny can be engineered to fit so well together and work!Seriously,If Mega Bloks created a 3 3/4 figure in this same manor,It would totally work!Imagine the fun customizers would have. It could be something like Mashers but without all the goofy ports.

Baby Foot Soldiers!Everyone's favorite elongated skulled purple alien ninja! 

I didn't think I was gonna dig the sewer plumbing display stands too much but man ,I fucking love em!The little action shot portraits are just awesome to look at.Mega Bloks has a way of making you forget that these are lego esque children's building blocks.I decided to get creative and add a second floor to this display. 

Check this shit out!

See If you can spot Kraang!

This Is how I'll display all three sets.Notice how I did away with Kraangs body and the Raphael movie figure.I have no interest In collecting any of the OOTS Mega Bloks figures.I'm sticking with Shredder until I can get a classic one.     


  1. Mega Bloks has done some great stuff with different properties. Love the Call of Duty and the Monster High. The TMNT sets are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome TMNT Mega Bloks display!

    1. Thanks Fuji.It's scary to think that I can keep building off of It!!!