Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spider-Man Homecoming - Spider-Man/Vulture Set

I kept my toy haul down to  just this Spider-Man Homecoming two pack .I had a chance to pick up a vintage G.I. Joe Rolling Thunder among other things,but came to the realization that I just don't have the room.I may still add a couple of  smaller things with the extra birthday cash but for now ,this was all I really wanted.I picked this up from Target  and was surprised to see the $19.99 price tag on it.Their figures are always marked up.So,yeah,don't go paying $30 for it  on ebay. Had the Spidey figure been single carded ,I would have probably just grabbed that instead of the two pack.I'm not a big fan of the Vulture figure. He's a little cooler once you have him in-hand but overall it's still pretty "meh"  .

If the small write up on the back Is any indication of the upcoming film's plot ,I'm underwhelmed.Vulture wants the worlds most powerful technology ,but then again doesn't everyone?He's just gonna have to wait in line for the new I-Phone just like everyone else.

This Spider-Man figure Is really cool.And really ...soft?The plastic used for the sculpt Is super gummy.It works ,but I can't help but cringe every time I  bend his elbow or knees when posing.He's  missing wrist and waist articulation,but makes up for that with rocker ankles and an  articulated neck joint.This Spidey can look all the way up or down.The head sculpt is perfectly executed, everything Is pretty symmetrical.Of course you don't get the black  web lines throughout the costume.

Vulture looks more like a downgraded version of the Rocketeer. The mask/helmet looks way different than the film version and Is missing the two glowing eyes .The wings are detachable and fit snug on his back but are missing the  wind turbines. The best part about this figure are his large mechanical talons.They rock side to side  and swivel up and down.It would have been cool If they opened and closed.

Below are a few fun yet rushed  pics I put together showing both figures In action!