Friday, May 19, 2017

My Top 20 Figures 5-2

I've told this story before so I'll keep It short.Arak was a part of a massive X-Mas gift I received as a kid in Puerto Rico.I'm thinking my mom and dad thought they were MOTU ,but that's besides the point.I pretty much got the whole line that X-Mas.They jokingly put the figures in a box that originally contained silverware.So the joke was on me that year as my older brother and sisters all told me I was getting spoons and forks for X-Mas,lol! I knew they weren't MOTU when I saw them but loved them just the same.Arak was my favorite of the bunch.That memory coupled with the amazing condition of this figure easily makes it a top 5 in my collection.    

#5 ARAK  Lost World of Warlord 

Who doesn't love the Sarge?As a kid,this was the one I always wanted ,but had to settle for the Triple T tank  Sarge.It's a shame that If I ever wanted to track down his missing baton,I'd probably have to take out a loan to afford It. For one stinkin' ,tiny baton :( Still,sans baton ,mail away Sgt. Slaughter should  still be  a top 10 consideration for most action figure collectors.He comes in  at  #4 on my list.

#4 G.I. Joe ARAH   Sgt.Slaughter (Mail Away)

It's no "secret" that I am a huge fan of  Mattel's Secret Wars figures. I love everything about them.Even the goofy lenticular shields.I don't think I have to go into why Spidey here drops In at #3 on my top 20 action figures list.How much fun did we have with these figures!?!

#3 Marvel Secret Wars Spider-Man

Number 2 on the list Is none other than every kids dream figure,G.I. Joe ARAH  V.2 Snake Eyes!I knew I'd never own this figure as a kid.They were sold out everywhere and every kid that had one wasn't about to give or trade theirs away .In fact I never had a Snake Eyes figure as a kid ,which Is probably  why I have quite a few of them now.

#2 G.I. Joe ARAH Snake Eyes

           In tomorrows post,  I'll reveal my number 1!The best of the best!El numero uno!Stay tuned.