Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Top 20 Figures 15-11

TMNT Movie Foot Soldier has always been one of my favs.Not so much on the strength of the film ,though.In fact,I prefer my TMNT Foot Soldiers to be more ninja like.What drew me to this figure was it's generic guerrilla-military  design. Plus,It's got a certain durable chunkiness to it.With over 15 points of articulation (including waist and wrist),It's super pose-able. You want guns?We've got guns!The two he's equipped with In the pic below as well as one on his right leg In a holster.And just for good measure,he's also got a knife holster with removable knife on the backside of his belt.He holds them all nicely,too.As a kid I would have totally  recreated his backstory,making him a stand alone commando type bad ass.Just a great figure that works.

#15 TMNT   Movie Foot Soldier

I love the classic super hero vibe this Triton figure gives off.Something about a heroic green amphibious humanoid that just makes sense.I must admit to not knowing a whole lot about Triton,other than the fact that he Is part of the Inhumans.As far as the figure goes,I love it.Nothing fancy,just a flat green base with glossy purple accents that make Triton pop.Yes,there Is a lack of articulation,but no ab crunch also means no disruption In the flow of the sculpt.The balled up fist has always been a plus for me,ever since the days of Mattel's Secret Wars figures.Added accessories could have landed Triton In a higher spot ,but that coupled with limited articulation puts him at # 14 on my Top 20 list.  
 #14 Marvel Legends 3 3/4 Triton
                                                                        Avengers Gamma Smash Hulk!!!This one 
I have a special attachment to.It was a rough period for my family and I ,as we were transitioning from one home to another .Money was tight and I expressed to everyone not to get me anything for my upcoming birthday.This totally flew over my daughters heads as they ran into my toy room on my birthday yelling"You,thought we forgot about you!!"  ,with an Avengers movie gift bag ,a DC comics t- shirt and this Gamma Smash Hulk figure.Sentimental value aside,I really like this figure.Lots of toy reviewers crapped all over It ,criticizing everything from his beige pants  to his heavy set mid section.I'll admit,I'm not crazy about the squared off ab crunch,but everything else about this figure Isn't  horrible.In fact,I'll go out on a limb and say this Is the best head sculpt on a Marvel Universe  Hulk action figure to date.

# 13 Avengers Gamma Smash Hulk 

#12 Marvel Universe Beta Ray Bill  
I  never thought I'd own a Beta Ray action figure.Now I'm glad I do!This Is the kind of figure that really brings out the kid In you.When your holding such a powerful character In your hand ,you want to set up a group of villains and have Beta knock them all down with one swift Stormbreaker blow !All the while making whizzing ,whirling and crackling thunder sounds THWACK!This is action figure perfection right here.Shiny blue and gold armors accent an already amazing sculpt .If I ever decide to play with my action figures again,this figure right here will be the focal point.
I've expressed my love for this figure before.If I'm not mistaken,this Is the first unmasked Firefly figure,ever.The  scarred Ray Stevenson head sculpt Is so freaking dope.This Is by no means the best contemporary Firefly ,but It Is the most original.Not pictured Is the alternate masked head sculpt and awesomely cool light up blast board this version of Firely came with.How many figures nowadays come with blast boards! ?!Did I mention Firefly's forearms are a translucent green and light up when placed on the blast boards control levers?

# 11 G.I. Joe Retaliation Firefly

Stay tuned for tomorrows post where I'll be taking a look at figures 10-6 !


  1. Hulk smash! If I ever buy a house and have a mancave... I'll definitely have a Hulk figure in it.

  2. I'd recommend any one of the Titan Heroes Hulks.They're inexpensive and pop on display.

    1. Good call. Just saw a review on YouTube for a figure and it'd make an excellent display piece.