Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Top 20 Figures 10-6

We've reached the top 10 mark.The closer I get to number one ,the harder this gets.Especially when I have so many Marvel Universe figures and vintage  that I'm fond of .I'm sure one or two will sneak their way onto my top 5,but for now we look at figures 10 thru 6!

It's rare that I find something I'm currently hunting for discounted or In a bargain bin.But,this actually happened----once!Years back I paid my local card shop a visit .The nice thing about this place was the variety of things they carried. Everything from sports cards  to  video games and vintage action figures .Pretty pricey,though.Walking up and down the aisles i stumbled across a torn and tattered cardboard box with a shoddy  "Everything Is $1" sign taped to one of the flaps.I took a quick glance and realized why everything In that box was so cheaply priced.A bunch of incomplete happy meal toys and figures.The box also contained some MOTU vehicles,but most were cracked and incomplete.I'm not one to put in the extra time and effort when it comes to rummaging through bargain bins  ,but decided to this time.That's how I got my lone Indiana Jones figure!He came sans accessories(that whip actually belonged to Croc Master)   ,although his belt and famed man purse were  both in tact.At the time ,these Hasbro Indie figures were selling for a hefty amount on ebay,even the loose ones.Finding this one for a buck saved me lots of   headaches and money.
#10 Indiana Jones (Deluxe Set)

I've expressed in the past how the only thing I thought  G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra got right was Storm Shadow.The film blew,massively!Storm Shadow didn't. While his first figure release based on the film was a bit stiff ,this unmasked version got It right.This Is the best Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow figure imo.
#9  G.I. Joe Rise Of Cobra Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit)
I would have placed this Snake Eyes higher on the list had it been the original.This is the re-release of the mega popular Pursuit of Cobra Commando Snake Eyes figure.Aesthetically ,It's all there.The quality,not so much.I don't know If they used a different plastic for this version ,but something about It just seems off.It's still a great looking figure. 

#8  G.I. Joe Arashikage Clash Snake Eyes - 2 Pack (Pursuit of Cobra Reissue)
This  Is my second favorite modern   version of Snake Eyes.The all black color scheme Is what I feel suits Snake Eyes the best.Love the web gear,too.
#7  G.I. Joe Rise Of Cobra  Rescue Mission Snake Eyes - 4 Pack  

Naturally ,vintage Joes are going to be high on my top 20 list.After all,they are what got It started for me.Quick Kick will always be a personal favorite of mine.I had him as a kid and used him alot!I'm super stoked to have him In my collection again.
#6  G.I. Joe ARAH Quick Kick

Stay tuned for tomorrows post where I'll be going over figures 5-2 on the list !


  1. All five of these are awesome! If I were going to collect G.I. Joe stuff again, I'd only bother targeting Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, and Quick Kick.

  2. Thanks Fuji.I said the same thing when I started collecting.Now I have shelves full lol!Here's a link to every 3 3/4 Hasbro Snake Eyes ever made! Keep scrolling down once you get to the page to see everything.
    You've probably been there before but If not,this must be your go to for any and all joe references.

    1. Oh man. Thanks for sharing that awesome site. I wonder how many collectors out there own all 68 versions?

    2. You'd have to be a pretty die hard Snake Eyes collector.The cool thing Is that there are also larger versions of Snake Eyes,like the Sigma Six line figures as well the newer Titan sized Retaliation Snake Eyes.There are more kinds of Snake Eyes figures out there other than the small 3 3/4 versions.