Thursday, May 11, 2017

G.I. Joe ARAH - Chuckles

G.I. Joe has long been off my radar ,since Retaliation I think.The last Joe I can remember picking up was the 50th Ann. Commando Snake Eyes.A remake of the popular POC  Snake Eyes.Both figures look exactly the same but the quality of the remake seemed  a bit off.That,coupled with the TRU exclusivity  really killed the franchise for me.I've been  G.I. Joe'd out for a couple of years now.Lately, I've been trying to find a way to rekindle that childhood love I had for G.I. Joe ,but find myself coming  up short  In the process.So I'm going to press the reset button.From now on,my Joe collecting will draw inspiration from what Is probably my fondest memory of  the overall franchise.The Rise of Cobra!


Just below Is  what has to be my biggest,most best-est G.I. Joe  moment of  all time!The animated film,G.I. Joe :The Movie!Not only would this be a full length feature film ,but lots of the new characters would be making their first animated debuts!I mean,it was cool to own Jinx,Chuckles and Falcon figures ,but to see them In action was pure ecstasy.Which brings me to the main purpose of this post.

I owned most of  the major players In the film as a kid.I had Falcon,Jinx,Chuckles ,Tunnel Rat ,Slaughter,Serpentor etc.At this time,I only own two -Sgt. Slaughter and now,Chuckles.I think you all know where this is going.

I won't be going after complete figures,instead,focusing on ones with tight joints and good paint (It's alot cheaper that way).I can always pick up accessories as I go.Operation :Recapture Childhood Joes Is officially In effect.


  1. There was a time in my life when I considered collection GI Joe's from my childhood. Then I decided to narrow things down to Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. I ended up passing on all of them. The vintage stuff is way too expensive and I just don't have the space to display them. Doesn't take away the love I had for the cartoon back in the day though.

  2. It's a rabbit hole ,Fuji.So many to choose from.At one point I had amassed a nice collection including both vintage versions of Cobra Commander,Tomax and Xamot,Storm Shadow as well as a bunch of other big named figures.I had to sell them off ,though.Re-collecting them would be too hectic so I'm just going after a handful of figures this time around.

  3. I'm currently working on what I'm calling my "Childhood" shelf. I'm picking a select few figures from various lines that will be displayed above my head on my computer desk. A couple of Joe's are in that line-up.

    1. That's basically what I have on my vintage display.Mostly just figures I owned as a kid with a few exceptions.I still don't have any MASK or Thundercats figs.In time.