Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Star Wars Blueprints Paper Craft Death Star Set

This was the set that prompted me to make a purchase on the discount shopping site,hollar.com.To be honest,I didn't know what I was getting with this boxed set of Star Wars paper crafts.I didn't have any interest In the figures ,just the Tie Fighter and Death Star.Questions swirled around my head regarding the quality of the product,size and display-ability. Let's take a look at my findings!

Box front

Box back

I won't go into building the figures because frankly I'm just not interested In them.This Is how they look,though, when taken out of the box.My daughter put Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker together but they don't hold up very well from what I could tell.  

Although the pieces of the Tie Fighter and Death Star come loose ,none were damaged or creased. 

This cool sheet of stickers was also included.Not sure what to do with them.

I thought the iconic circular window would just  be pictured In the background.I was super excited to find out It was an actual separate  clear  piece!  

One fold out sheet (front and back)has instructions on how to put everything together.

I was relieved when I saw tat the base was made of a solid cardboard.After all this would be where most figures would be standing.Also,I was taken back by the size.This thing Is pretty massive. Things did get a little hectic ,though,during assembly.You see that black piece off to the right hand corner of this pic?Well ,that Is the the base stabilizer .If you don't line up the tabs correctly ,It will not fall into place and give you a giant migraine In the process.It's not hard to do,but i was In a rush ,so naturally panic set In when I saw that nothing was lining up. Eventually I got It to work! 

The partitions are also made out of a durable cardboard and are just beautiful!Everything Is 2D but rendered nicely! This was literally a snap to put on.

Just the base and partition alone would have made for an awesome display piece/background.But no,this bad boy as a second floor,too!  

In the excitement of putting this together,I forgot to snap shots of the top floor,partition and stair assembly.And that was due to how easily the building process for that was.Everything slipped right into place ,nice and secure.For a cardboard playset,this thing Is super sturdy!You can move It around without worrying about It falling apart.In fact,I think all playsets should be made this way,with extra,smaller  plastic accessories to add depth.I had one guy on Instagram compare this to the pop up cantina set . 

Finally,once you tie it all together up top,you've got yourself a decent little Death Star replica and a great play set to display your figures In!


  1. The Dollar Tree has the Darth Vader (w/ removable helmet) & Storm Trooper Papercraft figures for $1 each! Are you interested in those?

  2. Nah,I'm not really feeling the figures.If I get anything else from this line It will be playset related.

  3. Thanks for the write up. May have to get that cardboard playset. Seems very useful.

  4. Fun project. Love how the action figures are the perfect size.

  5. It was a good time putting this together.Watching It take form was pretty damn cool.

  6. These are perfect for displaying figures.

  7. And cheap!Just think how much something like this would go for had It been plastic and made by Hasbro.Even at retail price this set Is worth it.

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