Friday, April 14, 2017

Star Wars Black Series 3 3/4 - Captain Phasma

With the 3 3/4 Black Series SW figures going on clearance this past week,I had to snag some up.Captain Phasma was a figure I really liked the look of,but didn't really need. I'm only trying to collect the figures based on the older films.I just had to make an exception for Phasma,though.First of all ,Wal Mart was practically throwing these figures at the customer,displaying them on the end caps as well as In the aisles.The last three I really wanted from this line was Kyloren,Captain Phasma and Admiral Ackbar. I got the last two but Kylo was no where to be found :(    

Can you believe I still haven't seen any of the new Star Wars movies?In fact I couldn't even tell you the titles.I'm so out of the loop It Isn't even funny.I will catch them on DVD at some point or just wait until they hit  Netflix or Hulu.I have seen tons of trailers,though,and Phasma here has been the subject of many rant videos.First off,Captain Phasma Is a strong  female character ,but doesn't do much to show It throughout the film.I was able to catch some of her scenes on Youtube.Bad ass chromium armor w/cape,leader of the first order Stormtroopers but pretty stagnant overall .She does alot of ordering around and throws her weight around here and there but no action/fighting.Captain Phasma supposedly dies at the end of  The Force Awakens,but Is rumored to be making a comeback In the new ,upcoming Star Wars film.I hope she does and with a bang!She's just too rad of a character to go away without leaving a better impression.

As for the figure?Pretty dope!Tall ,too!She towers above all the other figures and stands about even with Chewbacca.

No soft goods cape but a nicely sculpted one.

Wikipedia claims that,despite Captain Phasma receiving horrible reviews from movie critics,the action figure was  a best seller.I'm assuming they are talking about the six inch version although this one rocks just as hard imo.


  1. I hope she comes back and kicks butt in the next movie. She looks too good not to.

  2. I'm not a huge Star Wars guy,but It's characters like this that draw the casuals out to watch the films.Some say she'll be a Boba Fett type,others say she'll switch sides and join the rebellion.I'm not even sure she'll be in the next film.Who knows?

  3. Yeah, I like the character design- was disappointed she didn't really do anything in Force Awakens! I have a 3.75" version too, in different packaging...

  4. Even If she doesn't come back in the next film,the suit/armor definitely has to!