Sunday, April 30, 2017

Star Wars Black Series 3 3/4 - Admiral Ackbar

I'll admit to not knowing much  about Ackbar.I remember seeing him on a ship ,co piloting,maybe?I always thought he was the coolest looking alien In the film,though.As a kid I always wanted his action figure but had to settle for an Admiral Ackbar 3 3/4 rubber eraser (which was pretty damn cool in it's own right). Now ,I finally have my very own ,highly articulated Admiral Ackbar figure!

This Black Series 3 3/4 Admiral Ackbar figure has jettisoned to the top of my favorites list!It's a damn near flawless figure.From the paint apps to the head sculpt and execution of his smock ,just an excellent figure.

I'm not so sure how to work his contraption,though.I'm pretty sure I have him holding It upside down.

"How do you work this thing?"  "Oh yeah,and..what Is It?"

I don't remember ever seeing the Admiral In action.Like I said before ,my memory of him Is solely behind the ships terminal.Never wielding a weapon of any kind. 

My 3 3/4 Star Wars collection is slowly coming along.Captain Phasma and the First Order  Storm trooper were not part of the plan as I am only going after figures that appeared in the older films.But they were on sale and pretty cool looking so I said what the heck.Really need to add a Princess Leia  figure soon.Most are too damn expensive and those Power of the Force ones look hideous.


  1. Well that is great. I love collecting toys. Not a fan of Jedi though too much.

  2. IT'S A TRAP!!! Sorry...In all seriousness Admiral Ackbar was my favorite toy from the original Kenner line back in the day. I still have mine!

    1. Lol.I only had an Ackbar eraser.I loved that thing!

  3. Love me some Admiral Ackbar! Gotta track down one of these figures for my shelf.