Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Favorite Quick Kick Moments!

One of my all time  favorite G.I. Joe figures!

Pretty sure It was Quick Kick's smelly foot that renders Storm Shadow unconscious In this clip.   



  1. Totally forgot about this guy. I usually think of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow when I talk about favorite characters... but Quick Kick was also one of my faves back in the day as well.

    1. He was a bit of a clown but I think that's why I liked him so much.Plus,he was the only Joe bad ass enough to run through the arctic without a shirt on and bare foot.That's some Bear Gryllis type shit right there.

  2. Funny thing I have no real connection to the cartoon as I didn't really watch it.I was a teenager when it started and I only paid the passing attention to it. I do have a great memory of the animated movie though it was more what was going on in the room time lol

  3. That movie was so great!I thought they would pick right up from there and continue to run new cartoon episodes with some of the newer Joes and Cobra villain action figures being released at the time.Sadly,such was not the case.We never got to see Crystal Ball,Raptor,Repeater or Spearhead and Max In any Joe animation :(