Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Figure Fixation

It's that time again,people.A lull has struck and the influx of toys has come to a screeching hault!For a little while anyways.But this Is a good thing because now I get to appreciate what I do  have.I used to have a "Favorite 5 Right Now " segment where I would post the 5 figures that I was currently digging the most In my collection.Things have changed  a bit as far as how I look at my figures.Yeah there will always be that one that I tend to focus on  ,but I'm starting to realize that how I display them plays a big part  In what catches my eye the most.It's weird ,I know.But many who know me In real life will tell you that I'm weird ,so, there ya go.So I'm changing these posts name from "Favorite 5 Right Now" to "Figure Fixation".Because that's what happens.I get fixated on a figure for one reason or another,pick It up and take a picture of It.It's kind of like exorcising the fixation.

Chameleon here has really grown on me.He wasn't a favorite of mine at first,but for some reason I really like him right now.The ripples In his suit and clean sculpt.It's like I'm just now noticing It after like ,what, a year or so?Strange.

On their own,neither DOTM Optimus or Valor vs. Venom Scarlet stand out to me ,especially.But something about them posing together like this does.This Is how I have them displayed on a separate shelf In my room and I haven't been able to stop staring at them.I think It may be the similar paint schemes.The dark blues  and oranges .They look good together.So there you have my first "Figure Fixation" post.OK,that's enough fixating for one day.


  1. I'm just as crazy lol. Right now its my Titans Return Hot Rod and Generations Springer.

  2. Ugghhh!It's maddening!But I love It :)

  3. I know the feeling of thee dreaded lull as right now I have more going out then coming in . With hasbro smashing GI Joe and Transformers together I think your display works perfect.