Friday, March 24, 2017

Star Wars Black Series 3 3/4 - Luke Skywalker

I was happy to find these figures marked all the way down to 5 bucks and some change from their original 13 dollar price tag.I've already got a battle at Hoth   Luke in his X-Wing uniform and a Power of the Force Bespin Luke which was basically a place holder until I could come across a better,more articulated  version.This Luke I really like although I'm just realizing that this Is not the Luke/Vader final battle version.He's not wearing his glove.I believe this Is the Luke that confronts Jabba because of the robe he's wearing.If anybody has anymore info I'd greatly appreciate It. I've watched the films a ton but I'm not one of those line for line,scene for scene fanatics. I really like him In his robe,though.

One odd thing about this figure,and I think It's been covered before In past reviews,Is the loss or lack of paint on the tips of his boots.I'm not sure If It's supposed to be wear  or just a figure flaw.I could always touch It up.In fact ,I don't even need  to because It really does give his boots a worn and torn look.He comes with one extended  Light saber  ,one Inactive and what seems to be a wrench of some kind.

This version of Luke Is super pose able and the head sculpt Is right on the money imo. Pass If you see him going for regular price but definitely pick up If marked down.Totes worth it ;)


  1. So if memory serves, he was supposed to be for a deleted scene in rotj, where he is building his new lightsaber in Obi-Wan's house on tattooine. Hence the lightsaber torque wrench.

  2. Cool.I gotta Google that sometime.Thanks!