Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fun With Star Wars and a Swiffer Box!

Those of you who follow this ,and other toy blogs I've had In the past,know how much I love using miscellaneous packaging and boxes to create backgrounds and dioramas.This time we look at Swiffer pad boxes!

Not only do they make for  great little storage bins,but they also have a cool ,space vibe to them that work well for displaying  space themed figures.Also,this idea Is right up your alley If you're into recycling.You could get jiggy with It and paint It up If you'd like,or just leave It as Is.Other figures might work with this ,too, but I feel Star Wars works the best.

If you have any cool diy toy display ideas ,I'd love to see them!If you're a toy collector,you know that shelf space Is always at a minimum so It doesn't hurt to get creative when looking for alternate display possibilities.  


  1. HAHA Giddy up! I get jiggy with it constantly.

    1. You are definitely the king of jig ,hands down ;)

  2. Great idea. Paint it white and you kinda have the interior of Leia's Tantive IV.