Friday, February 17, 2017

You Can't Stop Kong,You Can Only Hope To Contain Him!

Shout out to Lanard for a job well done!Right when you think the line Is dying out and all they're going to release Is repainted military figures,they turn around and hit us with this!Not to say that the military figures and vehicles aren't great In their own right,but these Kong sets are really adding to Lanards ingenuity.The legend of Lanard continues...!

Check out the size comparisons.Doom has his hands full!    

Baron Zemo Is looking like a tasty little pizza roll right now.

It's snack time!Doom calls for back up!

Cap brings in the big guns,which pale in comparison to Kongs big guns.

Take that,that and that...

Somebody forgot to put  deodorant on this morning. Eeeeewww!

Snake Eyes has a long way to climb before he can introduce his katana to Kongs jugular.

Here's Lanard's Kong next to a six inch Supes figure.

Every figure Is pretty much In scale with King Kong.

Well maybe not Marvel Titans,but he still dwarfs  the competition.

This is how I'll display Kong in my quarters.He's just so massive that he wasn't about to fit on any of my units shelves.I'm thinking this Is where i'll set up the other sets as well. 


  1. Looks great! I got the Mezco one though and won´t be upgrading. No space anyways.

    1. Yeah,ya gotta have at least one Kong In your collection,right.

  2. Man Kong looks awesome and is massive!

  3. Kong looks amazing up there... towering above all... and looking down on everyone else.

    1. Funny,I didn't do that on purpose but now that I look at him up there ,he does stand head and shoulders above everything else in my collection.

  4. Thanks you for sharing the pictures of Kong. Per chance what line is that castle from?