Saturday, February 4, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Vision

If you weren't lucky enough to pick up the Marvel Universe  release of Vision,good luck finding one under 30 bucks now :( If you're not too picky about having him In a newer,updated look ,then the new 3 3/4  Marvel Legends Vision figure's for you!

He's got pretty much the same color scheme this time around ,only arranged differently.The head sculpt on the Marvel Universe version Is better looking,though,imo.But that's not to say that this Isn't a solid figure.   

Well,semi-solid.I really hate the new articulation on these figures.I'm not a huge fan of rocker ankles ,especially when the legs have limited mobility.  

No swivel wrists either .Man that sucks!

Aesthetically,you'll like Legends Vision.His colors pop on display and he looks great next to the rest of your Avengers figures.

And now for the obligatory "Now I need" list.

Black Knight



That's It!

I have Black Panther but he wasn't In many Avengers comics I owned as a kid so he's not In my primary team.I guess Wasp might be a "must add" too. 

I'm all Marvel Universed out at this point so expect some different content the next couple of days.Maybe a couple of retro figures among other stuff.Stay tuned ; ) 


  1. Nice team that you got there! However where are the ladies on your roster huh? (Kidding)

  2. lol,I thought about out that but I'm not a big fan of Mockingbird.I would have liked a Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel and Tigra figure but none exist to date :(

  3. The price on the Marvel universe one has came down recently , used to be you couldn't get one under $100.This crappy little hole in the wal comic book store here has the Universe one loose for $40 and I think I can get it for less then that, I have an appointment scheduled with the owner to do some trading on monday so I guess we will see what happens.

  4. Good luck,Allen!I know how tough those guys can be to crack sometimes.