Thursday, February 9, 2017

Imaginext Hanging Cage

I'm always looking for odds and ends to spruce up Castle Doom and I thought,why not a hanging cell to hold those pain In the ass superheros  In check!When I saw the listing ,I thought the funny little goblin was there just to convey scale.I didn't think the little booger would be taking the trip on the USPS Express along with the cage.

It's a little smaller than I expected but still works with the smaller scaled Marvel Universe figures.

"Dooms elevators are more archaic than the ones In my NYC apartment building." 

" I'll just grab a seat and shut this door and press ...."


"Awe crap!"

I borrowed an eye hook from Magneto ,screwed that baby in and voila! 


  1. :O That thing looks awesome in Castle Doom! When i saw Dd next to it I was like to small, but he fits great. Wow.

  2. Thanks Alexis.Yeah,the good thing about MU figures is that pliable plastic they're made of.You can stick them right in there.If they are too tall,you can always stick their legs through the cage door and have them sitting in there.