Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Spider-man Fiercest Foes - Black Suit Spider-Man (Battle Glider)

A little something I picked up over the X-Mas holiday ,Battle Glider Black Suit Spidey!Well,not exactly black.More like blackish,grayish bluish with a metallic hue Spidey. I actually love this variant  figure and I think the color scheme works really well,too.

Here he Is on the back of the Fiercest Foes  card .

At first,I didn't think I'd be on board with the added glider accessory but I can dig It.It actually makes more sense than that giant  Styrofoam glider that came with the black Spidey Secret Wars figure back In the 80's .  In fact,this figure  might be paying homage to that great 80's black suit Spider-Man set.

The glider fits nicely and immediately reminded me of Silverhawks when you spread the wings out.

That Is a pretty awesome ,soft goods glider.

As a kid,this would have been my first pairing.A Falcon and battle glider Spidey combo Is a no brainer. 

The Fiercest Foes line of 3 3/4 Marvel figures was a pretty decent one that delivered lots of Spider-Man variants and enemies.I have 4 of them. 

Glider aside and your left with a solid little Spider-Man figure.The one take away would be In the lack of ab articulation.   

Here's how I have him displayed on my Marvel  shelf.


  1. That Spider-Man is pretty Awesome! Reminds me of the old Silver Hawks action figures! :)

  2. Replies
    1. It's a sparkle fest!I like It better on Spidey than on Panther,though.Although together they look pretty damn cool,even If you have to throw on some shades to look at them directly xp

  3. OMG! I might have to find that Spidey! I love the black costume and love the silverhawks vibe to him.

  4. You might be able to find him on the cheap Alexis.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Colin.Didn't even know about this figure until recently.This one's a variant.The original has the proper black and white color scheme.

  6. The third out-of-the-package pose with both his arms and wings spread out is epic. Great looking figure!

    1. Thanks Fuji.That pose reminded me so much of the Silverhawks figures of old.As a kid you could get so much more out of a figure when It came with gliders ,wings etc.It added a different element of play.

  7. Wish I would have jumped on the Marvel Legends wagon years ago. These are so freakin' awesome!

  8. Thanks Toy Box.These are Marvel Universe ,but yeah,they currently have me by the balls.Once you start collecting them ,It's hard to stop.