Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Piece De La Resistance/My Heroic Origin

Not sure what happened this week but Mr.Smith and Brother Midnight both tugged at this weeks Round Robin Challenge like a chew toy and neither could pry It out of one another's jaws,lol!So I guess this week we'll play two!

Piece de la Resistance

This one was tough because I don't have anything that will wow the super collector.But I must say that I'm impressed with my Marvel Universe collection. I've slowly been able to amass about 50 figures.Not just any 50,but 50 figures that I actually need.Well,with the exception of a couple of extra Hulks.I've done a pretty good job of disciplining myself with this collection and I'm happy  with  what I've been able to accomplish. I've pretty much corralled every important Avenger ,almost.I'm one figure away from completing my F4 team.I'm about three figures away from completing my team of X-Men and with the addition of a couple of key  heroes ,I'm close to having a figure of  most of the big names In the original Secret Wars run of comics.I'm still a ways away from completing the villain side of things.I think I'm in good shape,though,as long as I stick to picking up those key players and not every Marvel Universe/Legends 3 3/4 figure that gets released.

My Heroic Origin

born In the inner city,A- Dapt  got his name at birth when It was discovered that he had the amazing ability to "adapt" to pretty much any situation.Not just mentally but physically as well.Much like a chameleon ,A-Dapt has the ability to blend in by changing the color of his skin according to his surroundings .One day ,while crossing the street ,A-Dapt accidentally changed into the color of the road.He is no longer called A-Dapt.  Now he goes by the name FLAT MAN!

Sorry,didn't know what else to write LOL!

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  1. 50 figures is a huge accomplishment considering how much they cost and the fact that they arnt just hanging around in every store.

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  3. Yeah I know.I also had to wait out on alot of them to drop down to a price that was manageable and that sometimes took months.I've definitely been more than patient with this line.