Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I obsess over expensive action figures.Especially ones that I need for my collection.I will look at them on E bay and hobby shop shelves with their inflated price tags,and die a little inside.However,that doesn't stop me from  constantly looking for them ,hoping to stumble across one with a decent price.Below are a list of figures I obsessed over and was able to get either by way of trade or on the  cheap.Trying to find any one of these figures , used, for under 15 bucks has  proved to be a difficult task.I waited around for a long time to find these figures at a price I could afford.

I got super lucky when I found this Indiana Jones figure,loose,In a dollar bin at a local hobby shop.Even without his original weapons (save for his man purse),1 buck isn't bad.

I've been wanting this Venomous Maximus figure for ages and was happy to receive It In a trade from good Derek (Orniphus) over at coolandunusual.

You don't know how many times I've searched for  "Secret Wars Black Suit Spider-Man"  on eBay ,only to be let down by the 20 dollar price tag most vendors wanted for him.I think I got him for 12 bucks?

O.K. ,who didn't want a Secret Wars Wolverine action figure growing up?I wanted one desperately as a kid and even more as an adult.Most were selling for about 15 bucks and up.Now you can find them for around 10 to 12 bucks a piece with wear.I was lucky enough to find this one,In great condition,for about 6 bucks on eBay.This only after years of watching him  only to miss out on the listing.

So there you have It.My obsession over figures I can't afford! 

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  1. What is this round robin thing? Is this a new version of cool and collected league?

    1. You're more than welcome to join In the festivities.

  2. It's like The league ,Matt.Only this time,whoever posts their Round Robin Challenge Entry first gets to make up the following weeks topic.

  3. Love the Black Suit Spidey! Great looking figure.

  4. Thanks Fuji.He's one of my favs ,too,ever since the Secret Wars comics.

  5. Years back I was in a 4th of July parade for one of the radio stations I worked at. At the end of the parade was a big community yard sale/BBQ. I found a Secret Wars Wolvie w/ claws for only $6 at one of the booths! So, damn lucky to grab that!