Monday, January 30, 2017

Kids @ Play!

Much like Alexis ,I kept to myself when It came to playing with my action figures.I had friends ,but none that I would ever allow Inside of my little action figure world.My older brother and sisters always had their own,grown up  thing going on. My cousin was the only one I could sit and vibe with on some Gi Joe and Transformers shit lol!But I don't remember having any action figure play sessions with him .It was more or less just a show and tell session and maybe a trade would develop somewhere down the line.Like I've stated In the past,action figure play sessions weren't just for fun.Lots of times ,when family problems arose or when my older siblings became too much to bare,action figures proved to be quite therapeutic.Much like Brother Midnight,I would drag out stories  that sometimes spanned days. There was nothing better than waking up early In the morning to pick up where you left off the day before.

Before I compiled enough Joes to actually create my own universe filled with plots and twists,I would create lots of solo missions for my Coleco Rambo figure.My only other figure In that scale was an A-Team bad guy,I think his name was Rattler. Solo missions came In handy when you only had a couple figures In the line or just the lines protagonist  with a couple of  odd ball bad guys In the same scale.

It wasn't until I had enough Joes where I could actually create cartoon like scenarios and stories. My story lines were never too  complicated.It was always along the lines of  a joe being taken prisoner and held at an undisclosed location. I would then assemble a small group of Joes to rescue the prisoner.Usually ,he'd be held up In a cave made of tossed quilts  or a make shift Styrofoam jail cells.The cool thing about having a bunch of different Joes Is that everyday there could be a new hero.I'd have certain Joes develop bonds,always watching each others back.Oh,and did I mention that I would do the voices for each character?  My favorite voices to do was Roadblocks,Sgt.Slaughters  and Quick Kicks.If you managed to be just outside of my closed bedroom door while I was playing with my Joes,you would seriously think there were different people In there having a conversation,lol!


After every session.I would meticulously set up my figures and display them on top of  Rolling Thunder.If the figures had corresponding vehicles,then that's where he'd be stored until the next time.Weapons would all be stashed In a Tupperware  along with all of the file cards.Needless to say,I never wanted  anybody else's paws on my toys,ever! 

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  1. sounds like we have similar styles of organization- I like fishing tackle boxes for 3.75" scale

  2. I kept my Joes in a container that came with wildlife cards lol. Wish I could remember what they were called as i'd like to track them down. I too did voices of my characters and my family thought I was nuts. lol.