Sunday, November 20, 2016

Custom Unmasked Snake Eyes

Everybody's tried this one before.Mine will be different because of the brown hair.I had no choice,no yellow paint.Even still,I kinda like a brown haired Snake Eyes.Too many blond Joes. Duke,Rock And Roll,Short Fuze,Beach Head and Low Light just to name a few.That's my justification.What do you guys think?The head's a tad big and I was thinking about whiting out his pupil on the damaged side of his face.

"Look away,baby look away...."

Here's another custom  look.This Is his "awe fuck It,I'm going balls out and  maskless" look.I would imagine this to be a future Snakes that has coped with his facial flaw and has taken on a Punisher - like vigilante roll. 


  1. I like to think Snake eyes looks like Deadpool or Spawn under his mask lol

    1. In the comics ,he's got one side that's O.K. The other side Is pretty shredded,though.I was definitely generous with the hot bobby pin lol!

  2. You are talking to Mr. Custom. I love custom jobs.