Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Transformers G1 (re-issue) - Autobot Jazz

I'm ready to start going over some of the goods from that Bro Midnight trade package over these next couple of days ,in no particular order. Some of those figures have grown on me more than others ,like this G1 re-issue of Jazz! I've been wanting a G1 styled Transformer in my collection for a long time now.I've always had my sights set on the more affordable mini cons ,never going after the larger and more expensive Transformer figures.Which Is why I'm so damn psyched to own this Jazz figure.It's not the original,vintage release but It's a damn near perfect copy of It.

Remember when Transformers were simple?I miss that about this particular line of figures.It made transforming them a snap.Transformers of today are chock-full of joints and articulation.That might be gravy  for the average collectors who want to display their figures In  cool battle poses, but maybe not so much  for the kid who would prefer to transform his Autobot on the fly and In less than a minute.I figured out how to transform Jazz in seconds,literally,without any instruction sheets.  

Jazz Is missing his weapons and a couple of decals.I may have to track down his blaster at some point but the lack of decals don't bug me as much.That chrome is too glorious to cover up with stickers.      

Now,I believe this re-issue released In 2002 but the date stamp on It says 1992.Not sure what that's all about.There Is some die cast present In the sculpt as well.Jazz was one of my favorite characters on the show and one of the more prominent Autobots.  

Just a beautiful toy!


  1. lol Ill see if I can dig out his accessory .This is the Japanese reissue .

  2. This guy adds a ton of class to my vintage shelf,Allen.Really appreciate you sending this my way!

  3. He looks great- Ironically, I am debating the generation toys J4ZZ today as to whether to buy or not buy, and this is helping me decide.

  4. Glad I could lend a hand,Mr.Smith ;)

  5. Pretty cool. I am getting the current line's versions of the 86 and on figures but still love vintage tf and that is cool looking. (My main love is the Beast Wars though!)