Sunday, October 30, 2016

Palisades 2004 Exclusive Adventure Kermit

I still haven't gone through half  the stuff  that was inside of that awesome Brother Midnight trade package.While I still have alot to get to,this was the item I wanted to give special attention to. A while ago,I changed our toy forums background ,electing to go with one of my favorite Brother Midnight pics,Kermit In his Indiana Jones get up strolling through the woods.So imagine my surprise after finding that very same Kermit action figure In the the trade package,complete!Normally,this Isn't a figure I'd go after because of how expensive they tend to be.But that's not to say that I wouldn't want one.It's figures like this that make photographing fun.In fact,this figure  inspired me so much that I decided to get fancy with a little backdrop and some lighting for this series of pics.I really love this figure ,but I don't see myself chasing  down any  other from the line to dedicate a display on my shelf for It.For now I will leave him boxed and on display so I can look at the awesomeness of the overall packaging with the figure inside.


  1. He was the only one of that set of figures I ever bought. As much as I loved it he spent nearly a decade in his box , only coming out once or twice for pictures. Glad you like him!

    1. I'm really digging It Allen and thanks again!A Patrol bear Fozzie might be In order ;)

  2. Thanks Big!He really hooked It up ,man!

  3. Thanks John! I don't know how long I'll keep him boxed ,though.I might have to find a spot for him to display loose.

  4. Don't know how I forgot to post to this lol. Cool Kermit and cool that you have his package! A nice amalgam of Kermie and Indy!