Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First Quarter- What Is Your Earliest Arcade Or Video Game Memory

I'm a little under the weather but prepared to mush on due to the appeal of this weeks Pop Culture League assignment.One of the first games that I can remember jamming on was Kung Fu Master!

Forgive me for using who's ever photo this Is. I promise that I am not planning on making any money off of it and will not take credit for the photo as It Is not mine.That out of the way,the story begins.I was maybe 10 or 11 when I entered my very first arcade.My sisters boyfriend ,at the time,brought me down to a small mom and pops arcade and just kept feeding me quarters.He was cool as fuck ,man.Always bringing me He-Man figures and other neat goodies that his younger brother didn't want anymore.Trips to Toys R Us and comic shops were common whenever he'd stop In to see my sister and say hello to the family.Just a cool cat.So anyways,Kung Fu Master was the first machine to catch my eye.Before you knew It,I was leg sweeping and punching oncoming opponents like a champ!My sisters boyfriend saw that I was In Kung Fu heaven and left me at the machine to fend for myself.
Minutes later  ,he comes back and realizes that I'm still In the same spot I was when he left me.I got so caught up In fighting off the never ending waves of meanies that I didn't realize that I was supposed to walk forward to advance through the stages lol!I don't know why,maybe I got so intimidated by the hoards of enemies that I told myself "Hell no,I'm not going In that direction!"So,after a healthy session of full blown laughter,he finally showed me how to play the game correctly,and then I died,repeatedly.Dang It!I should have stayed In the safe zone. I got more action out of one quarter just standing in one spot!Oh well.I guess you live,play and then you learn how to play,and forget how to live? Yeah,I think I said that right.

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