Monday, August 29, 2016

Custom Military Checkpoint

I've been In creative mode lately.In other words,I've been really , really bored.So I decided to pull out another one of those packing board thingies to see what might come of It.I've decided to try and turn It into a checkpoint.I've already painted It grey ,touch ups still needed.I've grouted the fences into place  and painted over the grout with the same grey I painted the board with. I'm gonna print up some more of those caution signs to  place on the fences while adding other "bits and bobs" (got that from Brother Midnight) along the way.


  1. that looks awesome- I have no real talent for diorama but can appreciate it well done

  2. Thanks ,Mr.Smith.There's still room for improvement but I'm happy with the initial stages of it.