Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Custom Military Checkpoint (Updated)

So It turns out that tile grout looks alot like snow when spread out over ordinary pieces of cardboard.This Is what my checkpoint Is looking like as of today.I figured,any checkpoint would need some kind of a road or a piece of land for the vehicles to traverse ,so snowy grout It Is .


  1. ah the logistics of having a pile of loose powder around my toys is more then I would be able to deal with lol

    1. That's the cool thing about grout,Brother,Is that It hardens overnight ;)Compound works well,too.But I know what you mean about loose powder. I've tried using that moon sand but Its too loose and grainy.I would be stuck removing grains of sand from my figures peg holes all day,lol.This grout stuff,however, stuff sticks In place.

  2. HAHA...Doing custom work now. I like it. I plan on doing playsets again in the future it just seems every figure I buy down here I gotta fix. Arghh...Just a few more though and I will be caught up.

  3. Thanks Hobby.Just messin' around with it.