Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Remco AWA Wrestlers - Rick Martel/Baron von Raschke

I was more of  a WWF fan than anything growing up.I never liked their figures ,though.The big ,rubber LJN wrestlers looked more like giant erasers to me and you couldn't pose them into any cool wrestling stances.In the commercials,kids would bounce them off of the floor and make them do all kinds of cool jumps and flips.I don't know about you but that never worked for me.Lots of die hard kid WWF fans  loved  them,though,from the apparent wear on the figures today.  In 1985,Remco did a good job of  differentiating themselves from that by releasing their own line of articulated AWA wrestlers.Their toys were actual "action" figures,modeled after the earlier released Lost World of  the Warlords line of  figures.While they could never measure up to  LJN's WWF line as far as popularity,I secretly liked them better.I barely knew any of the cast,but I loved their chunky build and discernible rubber head sculpts.I would always see them in friends collections but never actually owned any of them.I'm super excited to have these two in my collection now,even If It's without their soft goods robes and accessories.They look awesome as Is and are pretty damn sturdy.I think I'll go after Ric Flair,The Road Warriors and then the Freebirds next.Whichever one of them comes first.


  1. I liked these guys better then the wwf figures also. I truly loved (and still do) The Remco Road warriors figures.

  2. Alot of kids I knew had the Road Warriors figures.They were probably the most popular from the line.It's hard to find them on eBay with decent paint,though.I don't care about the extra accessories.

    1. check these out , just listed : http://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Remco-The-Road-Warriors-Hawk-and-Animal-Legion-of-Doom-Set-AWA-WWF-WWE-NWA-/302017990050?hash=item4651accda2:g:LOgAAOSwbYZXaJS3

  3. Nice.I actually found a cheaper pair but these look to be in better shape.

  4. I found my four Remco´s last year. Still playing with them. I hope to find more one day.