Monday, July 18, 2016

MOTU Vintage Rokkon

From what I've gathered online,Rokkon wasn't released until 1986.That would explain the connection I have with this figure.At that time ,I was a full blown action figure fanatic ,and while It was mainly Joes I gobbled up,Rokkon was prevalent In many of my friends collections.I wasn't a big He-Man collector,but figures like this,with cool gimmicks, always grabbed my attention. The greatest thing about Rokkon Is the connection he has  with one of my all time favorite years,1986.Lots of crazy shit happened that year.The unfortunate space shuttle Challenger incident,Mike Tyson becoming the youngest heavyweight champion and the release of a MOTU figure that morphs into a rock and back again.

"Which way did he go!"


  1. this guy used to hang with the rock lords in my toy world

  2. What was It with the whole rock thing and action figures,anyways ?The funny thing Is ,it totally worked!