Thursday, July 7, 2016

MOTU Vintage Fisto

Lately I've been on a MOTU kick,looking for figures that I either owned as a kid or came across regularly via other kids,friends and relatives. Fisto I had as a youngan. I wasn't into all the MOTU characters  but really liked the bearded barbarian looking figures ,and Fisto fit the bill. Lots of kids I knew owned Fisto. He was pretty much a regular and many a fourth grader carried him around In their MOTU lunch pales.I found this one on Ebay,listed as being in excellent condition .What a crock.Yeah ,his paint and overall condition was great but his legs are loose as heck!I can hardly get him to stand up.I'm still waiting on a response from the seller,who coincidentally doesn't accept returns,to see what he has to say.I'll probably hang on to the figure and try to do the old MOTU leg fix,but this seller needs to be reminded to list things like loose legs,especially on these MOTU figures.


  1. He's pretty awesome.I just got done tightening up his legs too so he's good to go .

  2. I hope to find some at the pulgas one day. It is hard to go though because Monster Cafe is busy on Sunday.

  3. Motu is a great line to cherry pick ,Matt.