Monday, July 11, 2016

G.I. Joe GvC - Dart

I've posted about Dart before ,but I think this utterly awesome figure deserves a second look!Dart Is from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra line.I'll admit to not being much of a fan of the concept In general,but you can cherry pick the heck out of this line and really strike gold with some of the characters. At first glance ,Dart looks like your average ,heavy machine gunnin' infantry soldier.But upon further inspection,you'll notice small,subtle things about the sculpt that really distinguish Dart from your everyday ,military themed figure.Like the Eagle crest On his chest.I can only assume It's a pendant of some kind.And check out the tribal arm bands.Also,the soft goods ghillie suit  hints at Dart's ambush capabilities.

If the eagle crest and tribal arm bands weren't enough to clue you into Dart's native american background,then the feather In his helmet and  pony tail  will.He's like Spirit on steroids.The only thing I don't like about Dart Is his name,Dart?Couldn't they have thought of a more original native american name than just plain old Dart?Aside from all that ,this Is one of Hasbros best looking figure designs and a character that needs to be cast In a future Joe film.