Monday, July 25, 2016

80's Bootleg Wrestling Champs - Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

If your were an 80's kid,then you know how popular WWF wrestling was.The cast of characters was a diverse one,and there was a hero or villain  for everyone to latch onto .I liked the more acrobatic fighters ,like Ricky The Dragon Steamboat and Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Of course guys like George The Animal Steele ,Andre The Giant,Hulk Hogan and Hacksaw Jim Duggan were sentimental favorites ,but there was something cool about watching Jimmy Snuka climb up to the top rope ,throw up his hand signs and drop down on top of his opponent.As a kid I would have loved to have an articulated WWF action figure.I was never a big fan of the big LJN rubber figures. Remco's AWA figures and Wrestling Champs bootlegs was the closest you were gonna get to an articulated wrestling action figure.Remcos AWA figures were nicely made and solid,but AWA wasn't WWF.I can't remember where It was,Chuck E Cheese maybe,when I first laid eyes on these little bootlegged Wrestling Champs line of figures.I remember seeing a Hulk Hogan and this very same Snuka figure  hanging against the wall of winnable prizes.You were going to need to have some serious ski ball skills to bring one of them home. I knew they weren't legit but heck,you could move them around at the waist and raise their arms for a little body slam action! And they looked like WWF wrestlers.At least the Hogan and Snuka did.I'm pretty sure I had the Snuka as a kid but I never got to find a Hogan.Luckily,over the weekend I was able to track down both on eBay .The Hogan figure I found loose and the Snuka came to me with the card back and detached blister.These figures bring back all kinds of good memories.As kids,we knew how awesomely sucky these figures were  but still respected the fact that at least they resembled some of our WWF favorites.And for bootlegs they're surprisingly bulky and solid!There are only 4 points of articulation but that was enough to get some good wrestling poses out of them.I love these little guys and would welcome more into my collection In a heartbeat.


  1. I I know this guy !

  2. Ha!Yours looks so much better!I love these little fuckers,though!

  3. Good pickups! Pose him with the Hogan though.