Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spider-Man Fiercest Foes - Venom

I'll be revisiting some of my favorite figures these next couple of days ,starting with this here Venom.I had pretty much accepted the fact that I was never going to own a Venom figure.I came late to the Spider-Man Fiercest Foes party and every Venom figure  on  eBay and Amazon was selling for ridiculous amounts.Years later , while making a quick stop at Walgreens,I decided to check out the toy aisle.Walgreens overprices their action figures,and sometimes they'll warm the pegs long after whatever line their from disappears from department store shelves.After scanning past the usual suspects, a bunch of  Dragon Ball Z,Walking Dead   and Mortal Kombat figs,I spotted the bright  Spider-Man Fiercest Foes cardbacks!And there was Venom!He was still overpriced  at $13.99  but cheaper than the $25.00 they were asking for on eBay and Amazon.

I brought It home,thinking I had the perfect Venom action figure,only to be let down after taking him out of the packaging. WHAT!No leg articulation!I couldn't believe it.I thought for sure he'd have knee and foot articulation ,but no.I can't front,It  pissed me off  but whaddaya gonna do.He still had a killer sculpt and looked great on display.Today,he's one of my favorites.  

Here are the only other two Spider-Man Fiercest Foes figures I was able to hunt down.There was a nice variety of villains In that line including Lizard Man,Shocker and Rhino to name a few.


  1. I got mine in a trade from some guys in Mexico. I like him.