Sunday, June 5, 2016

Marvel Universe - Captain Britain (Comic Pack)

Captain Britain Is a figure I would have loved to own as a kid.He was one of those obscure characters that never got alot of the spotlight,but always looked so cool to me.I remember seeing him in an art book called  How To Draw The Marvel Way.In fact this was the panel right here.

I always liked his uniform and overall look but never knew much about him.Lots of people prefer his cowl uni over the original but not me.I'll take the  ninja masked look any day over the cowl.It wasn't until I picked up his comic pack that came with Spider-Man that I was able to really read up on his origins and find out a little more about him,the amulet and his staff . I like that Hasbro gave him the taller sculpt ,giving him a more imposing appearance.I'm also digging the amulet as a separate piece instead of it being molded into the sculpt.The flag design on his wrists and mask look good too.



  1. Im a fan of the other look because I only know him from Excalibur.

  2. His Excalibur look is also pretty bad ass.

  3. I discovered him in Contest of Champions 2.

    1. This will be a good thread on Toy Disorderly.How were you first introduced to