Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TMNT Leonardo (vintage)

I've been after vintage TMNT figures for what seems like an eternity.The four,original turtles anyway.It seems like many of the gimmick turtles and supporting cast of heroes and villains could be had on the cheap while the original four always carried a hefty price tag.That hefty price tag doubled If the  turtles happened to be the soft,rubber head versions.I finally stuck to my guns,got assertive and picked up all four turtles over the weekend.It took a little leg work and sacrifice ,as I had to sell off some of my contemporary collection to pull It off.Leonardo arrived yesterday and I'm super thrilled to have him!It's not the soft head version,nor did he come with any weapons,but at least I got him with his web gear.If anybody has an extra vintage Leonardo Katana lying around for trade or donation,goodwill starts here ;)

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