Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TMNT 2 O.O.T.S. - Casey Jones

I finally figured  out what It Is that's been  missing on both movie renditions of Casey Jones.It's the crazy,Wolverine style hair - do!Shit ,If Hugh Jackman can pull It off...

But I digress,On to the figure.

I took the liberty of adding a few touches to an otherwise lackluster Casey Jones figure.O.K. he's not that bad.In fact he's the closest yet to the original 90's cult favorite.I added POC Zartan's back pack and armed him with a McFarlane Sportspicks Barry Bonds Rawlings baseball bat.He looks alot tougher now,i think.Overall It's a good figure with minimal paint apps which isn't abig deal because Jones isn't a splashy character to begin with. I like the hooded leather jacket and jeans  look.The one flaw with this figure Is In his leg articulation.You can't really get Casey into a crouched ,fighting position because of it.Other than that,he's pretty nice.      

"A Barry Bonds bat!?!Tell me,you didn't pay money for this?"

"Say extra cheeeeese!"


  1. Still not as good as the original but not to bad.

  2. Agreed.Not much out there that tops any of the original stuff.

  3. I like him for a batman villain