Sunday, May 22, 2016

Marvel Titan Heroes - Captain America

When I see the words "Titan Heroes" ,I tend to sing them In a deep ,chorus like voice ,pretending to sing their non- existent commercial theme song .The Titan Hero series reminds me of   Pocket Heroes ,only overgrown.It's a simple representation of all of our favorite Marvel characters on a large scale.They're big and bright brawn's with minimal articulation made to be played with by the kids or displayed by us adult collectors.

Check out the over sized shield! You can attach It to his left arm or peg it into his back for easy storage.

Hasbro goofed up on the head sculpt by omitting the wings on Cap's cowl.It's no deal breaker but odd nonetheless.



  1. I only have 1 of these guys , a Doc Doom. Not even sure how I ended up with it.

  2. He's a good one Brother.Hard to find though.