Sunday, May 22, 2016

Marvel Titan Hero-Thor

I'm kind of anxious about getting to my TMNT figs so I'm doing what I rarely ever do,two posts In one day!Here we have my favorite of the two my wifey got me for my birthday,Thor!I love the head sculpts on these guys.They remind me of  the head sculpts on PEZ dispensers.Those PEZ head sculpts are always so flawless. PEZ head sculpts kick ass.But we're not talking about PEZ head sculpts,today we're looking at another Titan Hero.

These guys are so big I had to have him come off the shelf to take a pic with his arm lifted.

I like the fact that they went with a soft goods cape for these guys.It's a pretty damn long one ,too.It's like they stuck an NFL challenge flag to his back.


Say what you want about them,but you can't deny their display-abilty.


  1. Hey thats a great looking shelf!

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  3. Thanks Brother!Im liking it right now but everything is subject to change.Although I'm digging the Avengers vibe it gives off.