Saturday, May 7, 2016

Captain America Craze!

One of the cool parts about action figure collecting Is that If you start to to get bored with..say.. Captain America action figures ..then you can always pick up a Captain America  Hot Wheels car.That way you still have all the greatness of the character only In car form!It's not everyday that I get to open a Hot Wheels car.In fact,I never buy Hot Wheels,anything.But sometimes,something comes along that gets In your face and screams "COOL!" and you just can't pass It up.Hence this Hot Wheels Captain America craze that's taken over me these last couple of days.This wasn't even about collecting the entire set or  trying to get started on collecting Hot Wheels or anything.This was all about scratching the nostalgia itch.And  It happens every time a new Captain America flick comes out .I love Captain America merchandise and I still get the warm fuzzies when I see all the department store props and the helium filled balloons with the shield logo.It's all just too damn cool!So I ran into a few of these 75th Ann. Hot Wheels and who knows,had they been regular price,I probably pass them up. But these were only a buck a piece  on clearance  and I wasn't about to come home without at least a few from the set.But now that I have most of them,I'd like to pick up the final 3-Winter Soldier,Bucky and Red Skull.Hell,these might have sparked my interest In Hot Wheels ,If only for the Marvel Hero themed ones.This one here I bought two of.One to hang and one to crack.

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