Saturday, May 21, 2016

Birthday Haul Part 2

So yesterday,my daughter and I decided to do a little toy hunting for my birthday with some  cash I received from her aunt, my  sister.All while battling flu like symptoms that hit me right after attending one of her school concerts a couple days back.Although It probably had nothing to do with the people at the concert,a part of me blames everyone in there for getting me sick .It's funny when I toy hunt with my daughter.She wants me to buy everything.Had It been up to her I would have walked out with an Imaginext Hall Of Justice lol!She was having a ball with it .Instead I opted to build on my makeshift Ninja Turtle universe.   

Toys are cool,but this  to me was the  purchase of the day. I've gotten into the habit of  sitting In my yard  and   watching the different kinds of birds fly around ,making nests and chirping back and forth at each other. We've been getting these real nice looking yellow birds showing up occasionally In our backyard,but It's very sporadic.I'm hoping these wild bird seeds will lure more of them in.This should be a fun project to work on sunday morning   ,with temperatures climbing into the 70's. 


  1. Thats a great haul! I been looking at those new Rocksteady and Bebops but just havent pulled the trigger yet. Happy late birthday!

  2. Thanks Brother!This will probably be the last toy purchase of this magnitude for at least a few months,though.I figured I'd make a small dent in my TMNT collection.I saw Krang there too but he looks small.The only other ones that I'm interested in from the new movie line are the ninja.

  3. Giddy up! I like some of the sculpts on the new TMNT. I could see them being used for other lines.

    1. Bebop and Rocksteady are the best from the line I think.