Friday, May 20, 2016

Birthday Haul Part 1

Tis my birthday today!The wifey hooked me up with some more Titan Hero awesomeness for the new Titan shelf.Thank you,babe,love you very much!I also ran into a little bit of B-Day cash so that will provide some toy goodness for the second part.Stay tuned!


  1. They are too statuesque for me.

  2. I know ,someone once compared them to shampoo bottles lol! I don't care I love them!They speak to the kid in me.

  3. They're toys that look like toys. I'm digging them.

    I admit to being tempted by the DC versions though. They actually have 9 POA for the same price.

  4. I saw those DC ones yesterday.My daughter almost tempted me to pick up the set.The Avengers team set is pretty cool and some of the figures,like Black Panther have a little more mobility/articulation.More or less like the Sandman Titan I reviewed a while back.

    1. I missed out on that one. I'll have to go back and read it.