Monday, May 16, 2016

Bandai Godzilla 2014 - Godzilla Smash Strike

If you remember last week ,I found some Bandai Godzilla 2014 figures on clearance at a local discount clothing store.I picked up the Tail Strike Godzilla, but after looking at a couple reviews and learning about his inability to stand upright,I went back and exchanged him for the Smash Strike version.And I'm glad I did!Look at that card art!It's almost as impressive as the $5.99 price tag ;) If you know me,then you know that I am a clearance freak.If I don't have to pay full price for something and have to wait two years to do it,so be It.The good thing about it Is that the film Is also  2 years old ,which means that I can  find that dirt cheap  as well on  discount DVD/Blu-Ray   racks everywhere.

Out of the packaging,'Zilla looks pretty cool.Aside from the obvious soar thumb gimmick alterations,this figure is decent.

I thought the exaggerated waist cut would bother m,e,but It really doesn't. It's just  there for the gimmick  and that's it.It actually adds to the height of the overall figure.The sculpt was done nicely.I love the detailed lizard scales and bumps.  

Here's another thing that might turn collectors off,and that's the visibility of the screws on the other half of the sculpt.They are actually more pronounced in the pictures than they are  If you have him displayed in normal lighting.Darker screw heads may have been a better alternative but like I said,It's really not that big of a deal.Anyways ,If your buying this figure,It's for the gimmick and play-ability ,not the aesthetics. 

Overall a great purchase, I think ,for a figure that normally goes for 15 bucks.He still looks great dueling It out with Optimus and various other figures In my collection.Comparison pics below!


  1. Never seen this one before . I got the Neca Godzilla 2014 on Clearance at Walmart but it was 3 times the price you paid.

  2. I totally disregarded the Godzilla hype a couple years ago only because of how expensive the bigger ones I wanted were.Now I kind of wish I would have picked up the smaller scaled figures.Clothing stores like TJ Max,Marshalls tend to have older figures like this on clearance all the time.I'd check those out brother.