Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Avengers QuinJet Mini 3D Puzzle

If you read my last Mini 3D puzzle post ,you pretty much know what these sets are all about.They're more  model kits then they are puzzles.So lets get started with the Quinjet!

I won't go into too much detail with this one.Check out my TMNT 3D Puzzle review to get the basics on how to pop out and fit pieces together.

Here's the finished product.Not bad looking ,although I must say that Hulk and Iron Man kind of weigh down the wings,causing them come off easily.You could always crazy glue the wings on.They won't come off If you just want to display it on a shelf,but If your looking to fly it around your living room I'd glue the wings on. 

Godzilla's at It again!Time to call for back up turtles!Get the Avengers on the horn!

Again,these are nothing more than time killers.But the end result Is well worth the waste of time.I'd definitely pick up more sets If Dollar Tree decided to stock them.Transformers,Justice League kits would be nice additions. Or maybe just a set with pop out figures to fill out your dios.idk. 

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