Tuesday, April 5, 2016

TMNT Movie - Foot Soldier

I'm a little late to the party with this figure,but at the party, nonetheless. I've avoided the Nickelodeon line of TMNT figures like the plague.Aside from the Nick turtles themselves,I feel like alot of the villains got shafted.We still don't have a proper Shredder to speak of In this contemporary line of animated series or movie figures.Things do look a little brighter with this new line of movie figures,as far as Krang,Bebop and Rocksteady go.Last years movie line wasn't really impressive ,but they got this foot soldier right.I needed some villains to  display with my Playmates Nick Eastman Laird turtles ,and this figure earned that honor. Eventually I will have to track down a Krang ,Rocksteady and Bebop from this years first wave of movie figures.I won't really go into any review as this one's been on countless toy vlogs and sites already.

I would have rather this guy been named something else because to me a Foot Soldier has to be a Ninja.But he'll do as a general gun toting baddie In my T.M.N.T. universe. He's pretty bad ass.Everything fits snug on this guy,from the translucent mask to the solid weaponry. 

Lots of times ,when you get an action figure who comes with weapons, you worry about them being able to hold and store them.Well,this guy shines in both departments.I love the sheaths location on this figure. 

My only knock against this figure Is his scale.He fits In ok with the turtles line but that's about It.He's not 3 3/4 and not quite 6 inches either.He won't look right with any other line of figures that's not T.M.N.T. and that kind of blows considering that he has such a universal ,cool design. 


  1. I really like the look of this figure, but as you say he fails to match in for 3 3/4" or 6" figures, he might match up with McFarlane's Walking Dead or Halo figures, most anything in at 5", but that scale is rare and a bit of a pain. He looks great though, I really like his real world design, nice match with the Turtles you have.

  2. Thanks D.Yeah he's a solid military themed figure but in an odd scale.

  3. I think he would look good with Batman.

  4. I put him next to my 6 inch Batman,no dice.He's a midget next to 6 inch figures, 😢